I Thought This Was An Actual Teddy Bear

Omg this Mini Golden Doodle is too Cute! It looks like a Teddy Bear! Mum, Bro & Me (Wickstead's Family) were all fooled into thinking it was a Teddy Bear, but its a little Dog. So cute!

Poodle grooming. I love the puppy look. :). His feet got wet this morning on his walk. I hv 2dress 2tk him out 1st thng. Cant bathe w him in shwr b4 he goes out. Now drssd&waiting 4schdl 4escrw visit. Cant bathe him rght now. Cld the MoN loony tunes just gv it a rest re the DOG? Is this all u have??

Teacup Poodle Haircuts - Are you really looking out for the kind of hairstyle that may fit your face shape?