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15 Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Powerpuff Girls

Ever since I was little, I've been called the buttercup powerpuff girl. I am buttercup to this day.

The Powerpuff Girls. MY JAM

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

PowerPuff Girls - Modern Teenagers b by puzella on tumblr

punziella: “ ♡ sugar, spice, and everything nice ♡ Roller derby AU (ง'̀-‘́)ง The Powerpuff Girls is what got me into drawing. It’s only right I make a proper fanart.

Powerpuff Girls is coming back !!!!!

Good news for fans of Powerpuff Girls! The new series will be returning to cable TV starting April MANILA, March 2016 – Reimagined and ready for action, The Powerpuff Girls will return.

When Bubbles revealed the secret behind her superpower. | 21 Times The Powerpuff Girls  Smashed The Patriarchy

When Bubbles revealed the secret behind her superpower.

Life lessons from the powerpuff girls...my favorite show from the 1990's to early 2000's

10 Times "The Powerpuff Girls" Surprisingly Made A Lot Of Sense

"Early to bed, early to wake, makes a lady smart, pretty and great." Even though I hate waking up, I wish we had more cartoons that showed young girls how to be strong.

The Powerpuff Girls | "Imaginary Fiend"

My grade teacher actually called me and my friends the power puff girls my red head friend was blossom my blonde bubbles me I'm dirty blonde but I was named for my attitude