32 Creative And Fun Outdoor Kids’ Play Areas

CHALKBOARD: Outdoor Mark Making Daisies - These are awesome! Why does the UK have way better kids products?

Music Center for preschool playground...or backyard..could purchase from dollar store and spray paint, so great! =)

Music center for preschool playground. Spray paint pots and pans and hang them along the fence. Let the students explore with different "drum sticks." They could make music with their hands, hard sticks, or soft covered sticks.

Google Image Result for http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-EiNOEMzm1pA/Tab2f4iZ22I/AAAAAAAAAQI/QuPrCaSiu-k/s1600/Ant%25252C%252BRoot%25252C%252BWorm%252BFarms%252B%2525284%252529.jpg

Preschool Playgrounds: It's Simply a Classroom : Natural Playscapes. others to fill with pebbles/sticks/leaves/water