Super fun melting Christmas tree science for kids.

Melting Christmas Tree Baking Soda Science Sensory Play

Try Christmas science with a melting Christmas tree baking soda science experiment. Simple kitchen science Christmas activity for kids to do at home or school. Kindergarten and preschool Christmas science activity for kids that's easy and fun!

Elephant toothpaste: Set a soda pop bottle in the middle of a pan to catch the toothpaste.  Mix these in a separate container and swirl together for a minute. ** 2 tbsp warm water,  ** 1 tsp yeast. Mix these in your soda pop bottle: ** 1/2 cup 6% hydrogen peroxide.  Pour the yeast mixture into the soda pop bottle...and be amazed!

Elephant Toothpaste

more like Science kids! they call this elephant toothpaste. science experiment for kevin more like Science kids! they call this elephant toothpaste. science experiment for kevin

Science Fun for Kids - lots of fun hands on science experiments for kids to explore the world around them. Great for preschool, kindergarten and homeschool elementary kids.

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment

Preschool Science Experiment: Diet Coke/ Mentos Geyser

Science Experiment: Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser

Preschool Powol Packets: Science Experiment: Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser. String several mentos together for a greater geyser.

Dancing Raisins Experiment - This may be so intriguing, get ready to enjoy it too. See a lot more at

Dancing Raisins Experiment

Education 325 (Chemistry) Dancing Raisins Science Experiment for Kids - This is such a fun science project for preschool, kindergarten, grade, and grade kids. They will be amazed as they see chemical properties at work.

Have you ever wondered why some pinecones are open and some are closed? This student-led pine cone science experiment is perfect for inquiry and discovery.

Pine Cone Science Experiment for Kids

This is an awesome science experiment to help students understand the movement of water through plants . The only thing I dislike about this experiment is there were no direction .

25 DIY Educational Activities for Kids

Easy experiment shows how water moves through plants. WAY cooler than the typical white carnations or celery!

Ice Car Rescue Ice Melt Science Sensory Play                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Preschool Science Experiments and Science Activities

Frozen Car Rescue Science Melting Ice Activity great for learning about different feelings, ice, melting, freezing etc. I would have this outside in a big sensory table.

15 Simple Science Projects For Kids - activity for FHE as well

Balloon Rockets - I've done this in several science camps I've conducted. Kids have fun with it. But, when the balloon deflates it may fall off the straw because it's surface area changes - another good thing to show and explain to kids.

Color changing flowers - amazingly fun Science for kids! (preschool or kindergarten)

Love this classic color changing flower experiment for kids! White carnations or daisies with food color. Water will soak up and color flowers. Learn how flowers "drink" water

I chose this article because there are many fun, kid-friendly experiments that the preschoolers can try.

The best science experiments for preschoolers

What can preschoolers learn from ramps? How about the beginnings of motion, speed, distance...

Ramps in the Science Center

3-5 Years SC.1.29: Classify objects by an attribute (characteristic) and share their thinking with another. SC.1.28: Use vocabulary that indicates understanding of scientific principles (e.g., sink, float, melt, solid, liquid).

Preschool Science - Magnet Exploration

10 best preschool science activities also fun for toddlers and kindergarten science too. Hands on learning with sensory science ideas. Fun science experiments for kids.

Back To School Preschool Science Activities and Experiments

10 Best Back to School Preschool Science Activities. Simple ideas to introduce chemical reactions, physics, water science, colors and more. Hands-on activities that include sensory play and fine motor skills with preschool science activities.