I will get these cataracts removed so that I can see all the beautiful things around me.

Eyeliner 101 Guide: All About Eyeliner

natural eye shadow makes your eye color pop. Man i wish my eyes were that color- so stunning.

Close up...it's all in the eye!

My Latest Discovery: How Have I Lived Without These Products?!

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Eyes are so much more than that. In a sense, eyes hold the essence of a being. Every emotion is obvious when you pay attention to the eyes. They tell you what a person is like. They give away good liars. They show love, they show hate. They release pain. They show amusement. They never change. And they're about the only thing that doesn't.

this picture is breath taking, the color detail of the eyes are amazing. The close details. it's weirdly beautiful

Amethyst Rey has violet eyes. The Land of Enchantment series by Kathlena L. Contreras

Amethyst Rey has violet eyes. The Land of Enchantment series by Kathlena L.

Cool picture to take with your best friend!

great close-up photo idea for sisters goodness those eyes and those freckles AHHHHH they're gorgeous

Make your natural eyelashes appear fuller. Curl. Thin layer of powder (top & bottom). Coat top & bottom of lash with mascara. Dry 3-5 min. Repeat. Apply to individual lashes as needed.  Tip: move wand back and forth while going up. The left and right motion will make sure every lash is covered entirely.

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (for beginners and experts)

Actually I don't like her eyebrows, but the lashes are amazing! How To Get The False Eyelash Look without false lashes! - The Ultimate Beauty Guide

Go-to going out eye look. Bronze crease, dark brown outer corner, gold lid, highlight, and big lashes.

5 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Grey eyes - not blue or green. They look best with peaches, reds, browns, and golds.

Photos du jour : t'as de beaux yeux tu sais ?

If we were able to decide the eye color of our choice, this would be it! It totally looks like grey/silver eyes!

hmm so this is what i have!! I have been told I have sunflower eyes on multiple occasions! Very exotic! Almost looks like a horse riding off into the sunset in her eye! Once I met a woman who said people could see the world in her eyes! Always thought that was exotic! But this is lovely!

What's The Meaning Of Your Eye Color?

Heterochromia - A beautiful mutation that causes the iris to have more than one color, or a person can have two different colored eyes - example: one brown eye and one blue eye. [And here I thought hazel eyes were just always multi-coloured]

Great makeup. Such pretty eyes!! (:

How to Apply Mascara For Beginners – Step by Step Instructions

31 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

31 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Be my Valentine❤ Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar I used: ❤Crease: mousse + peanut butter ❤Lid: pink sugar + bon bon ❤Higlight: butter pecan Super skinny eye marker lashes in SCARLETT (cut in half) browwiz in medium brown eyebrow gel