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Propuesta # 1 Experimentar con otro tipo de diagramación que sea comoda para los adultos en la que permita tambien facil lectura.

Layout ideas - Designed by Jake Hill. I am inspired by the angled cropping of the images. It creates great eye movement, and visual interest. There's a great balance of negative and positive space throughout the layouts.

this one is a little cluttered, but the general gist is alright.

Prolog – Magazin der digitalen Kultur

The whole way through the colour scheme stays with 3 or 4 colours which works really well and gives it a nice contrast. The images are smooth and stand out on the colour of the background they are on. The typeface used is simple and clean which is the perfect choice for this layout and colour scheme.

Use with bold graphics. Here's some ideas of how you can use colour, style and format to provide continuity without your set of posters being all the same. [Editorial layouts by Bauerdruck print shop]