Continents, Oceans and Landforms: This unit includes a 2 week lesson plan, practice activities, graphic organizers, and assessments. Also includes 18 landforms reference charts, a culminating landform building and writing project PLUS cross-curricular literacy centers. $

Landforms and Spring Break

Digital History: timelines, multimedia, lesson plans, and an online textbook sponsored by the University of Houston

UH - Digital History broad-ranging site on US history, including primary documents, timelines, a broad range of subtopics, etc.

Great State Plates - a fun geography activity or a great way to remember your travels.

Understands the people, events, problems, and ideas that were significant in creating the history of their state. We will create state plates about Illinois and include facts about Illinois state history on the back grade)

Eclipse Videos for Kids

Eclipse Videos for Kids

Second Grade Animal Habitat Activity. Habitat Diorama. Kids draw four different habitats and then choose from four different animals that go in each habitat.

Habitat Activities and Lesson Ideas with a FREEBIE- hands-on crafts for kids and reading comprehension for a and grade habitat science unit study.

mountain_zps1df8c6e6.jpg Photo:  This Photo was uploaded by lapazfarm. An awesome hands on learning experience! I found this on LaPaz Home Learning -- Not all who wander are lost!

love this geography demonstration plain to mountains geography nomenclature.-could Modify for regions of NC!

DOGO News - Kids news articles search results for food! Kids current events; plus kids news on science, sports, and more!

DOGO News - Kids news articles search results for food! plus kids news on science, sports, and more!

Lucky to Be in First!: It's a Small World!

It's a Small World!

Interactions among cultures lead to sharing ways of life. I will use this packet to explore the world to gain a better understanding prior to unit.

I couldn't believe how many cool games there are to teach history and geography! 12 Learning Games that teach US History, World History and Geography! #ebayguides #sponsored

12 History and Geography Board Games That Make Learning Fun!

Moon Phases Poster

Moon Phases Poster - Something like this for an alternate activity for those that don't want to do wearable?