Panda pied ball python! Cool!

Have seen panda pied ball pythons before but the placement of the black patches are absolutely beautiful and absolutely adorable!

Python regius by IsisMasshiro I love the idea of snake or crocodile inspired dragons- most dragons are instead a combination of bird and lizard like features

The Royal Python Series of snake-based creatures, because I just love snakes look and four legged things. This SHOULD be a royal python, but patterns a.

'Super pastel Puzzle' ball python (Python regius), Exotics by Nature Co., Facebook. Stunner!

Just took a quick photo of this amazing 2013 Super Pastel Puzzle male.

Yellow Belly Black Pastel Mystic - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons

Exotic Live Black Pastle Ball Python Snake, Beloved Royal Bloodline Reptiles and Creepy Cute Companions to the World