Has your little one stopped taking naps? If so, quiet time boxes are solution for keeping your child busy and quiet during rest time.

Quiet Time Boxes

Quiet Boxes - for the child who no longer naps and for the mother who needs her sanity back. This is great idea even for older kids, for weekends & summer afternoons. We can all use a lil more quiet time!

The holidays can get really busy - keep little ones calm and settled with these Quiet Time activities! These quiet time activities are perfect for BUSY BOYS!

Quiet Time Activities for BUSY BOYS

These quiet time activities are perfect for BUSY BOYS AND GIRLS! Kids activities to keep them learning and working while I work. (How Wee Learn)

I love busy bags to provide a quick activity for the kids. These next 10 busy bags are super easy to make yourself and are great to just pull out at any time. Click on the links or on the images to be taken to the how to pages and the places to download the …

10 Easy Busy Bags to Make & Keep Kids Busy & Learning!

How to create "quiet room time" when your kids no longer nap, but Mom still needs a daily break! From Your Own Home Store. http://www.yourownhomestore.com/quiet-room-time/

Quiet Room Time

Read this post to learn how to create quiet room time when your kids no longer nap, but Mom still needs a daily break! Great for the younger kids when the older ones go back to school. From Your Own Home Store.

Make this fun quiet time activity for your kids to play with, using just a few basic supplies. It will take you less than 30 mins to put together, but will keep your kids busy for hours and hours!

Cognitive Development Domain, Indicator the toddler uses felt shapes to identify and place facial features on felt rounds.

An entire year work of quiet time activities for toddlers and preschoolers! These quiet boxes are amazing and simple - and created by a Kindergarten teacher!

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An entire year of educational quiet boxes! Perfect for kids between 2 - 6 years. Awesome for little ones who no longer nap, or for toddlers while Mama nurses. Also great for home schooling families with little ones!

Help your kids play and learn with this fun and educational Duplo blocks busy bag activity. Work on counting, color matching, fine motor skills and more. Part of a 31 Days of Busy Bags and Quiet Time Activities http://allourdays.com/2012/10/duplo-blocks-counting-tower-matching-busy-bag.html

Duplo Blocks Counting & Tower Matching Busy Bag

color matching - quiet time activity

busy bag ideas fine motor color match with clothes pins and paint chip cards