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Post-traumatic Growth: What Research Says About Why Some Grow While Others Break In The Face of Adversity - Pick the Brain

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1 Timothy (NLT) 5 The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.

mistymorrning: mistymorrning:

sleepinsidemysoul: “ “Hearts set about finding other hearts the moment they are born, and between them, they weave nets so frightfully strong and tight that you end up bound forever in hopeless knots, even to the shadow of a beast you knew and loved.

Heart 2

Heart 2 Watercolor Art Print

- Description - Specs - Processing + Shipping - Create your own sparkle with this girly girl decor art print. This oh-so-chic and unique design in our impressionistic + splatter watercolor style is la

heart flower

Bleeding Heart Flower by Jaroslaw Blaminsky The first ever plant I bought and planted myself I loved it because it was heart shaped and when opened looked like a pretty necklace