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“Defend my honor – Protect my pride” – Nicki Minaj “So I’ma bounce back, and I’ma ball out, and everytime you see me I’ma go all out, and I’ma win til the ending.” – Nicki Minaj “You could be the King, but watch the Queen conquer” – Nicki Mina

I guess Lori asks about me often too. She and i dont talk about this stuff because i assume everyone thinks i am a psycho and not knowing what he told them or blasts my name about..so thats interesting.

15 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through The Day

I know you can't understand rappers 3/4 of the time...but they can surprise you with random nuggets of life insight.

Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday,face your fears and wipe your tears- Tyga

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