Keep groups running smoothly by organizing all your literacy and reading materials. Workshop is fun when you have everything organized!

Be a "four star participant" - excellent tool to use during small group instruction! Freebies and ideas on setting up close reading in your classroom too! would work for your rubric system!

Guided reading planning sheets to help teachers stay organized for the week. This is great for when there is a substitute teacher, they can look at which student is in what group and what they are supposed to be doing.

Wheelers First Grade Tidbits: Guided Reading Those Precious 25 Minutes - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Cassie Dahl: Teaching and Technology

Could be used in early elementary for some small group tasks to keep students accountable. Student-led reading groups in an upper elementary classroom. This contains a self-assessment piece (FREEBIE!

Structuring a Guided Reading Lesson

Structuring a guided reading lesson can seem overwhelming. This 20 minute guided reading lesson breaks down the details and makes it manageable for you!

FREE Differentiated Reading Passage for first grade, This free reading comprehension passage can be used for reading interventions, literacy centers, homework, and guided reading groups in your grade classroom!

This Reading Skills Step Ladder can serve as a planning curriculum guide for grades or a reading intervention guide, giving a quick and easy "at a glance" view of how students can become proficient readers. It starts at the most basic beginning skills

Setting Up.... Small Group

Classroom Organization and Decor- Setting up for small group- tips and hacks for back to school set up- setting up for guided reading or small group area with organization hacks and freebies

Games for the classroom: FREE Read and retell game. Love this idea to pass the dice around the room and have 6 students roll and retell. or I could roll as the teacher and choose students to retell. This would also work great for small reading groups.