Un-Censored Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D52Pr9JXRNM Cocoa Beach Florida where a real shark attack on surfer is caught on video. Surfer valiantly fights of shark in shallow waters. Original "Shark Bite" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWiUyRpPwBY

Great White Shark with mouth open at surface of water. Teeth showing: Great white sharks 'as endangered as tigers'

This is how many sharks are killed every hour.

LOOK: Shocking Graphic Shows Just How Many Sharks Are Killed EVERY HOUR

Sharks killed per hour by people, versus people killed per year by sharks. STOP SHARK FINNING & boycott places that offer shark fin soup

The 20 Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

Dane cook "and the shark grabbed my leg. Well how did you get away? Well I punched him and he ahh let me go! So your telling me a you punched a great white shark and the fucking shark goes ALRIGHTTT!

Agreed that you would die if you had this scenery.  Another reason I avoid the ocean.

megalodon was a prehistoric shark that conservative estimates place at around 16 metres ft) long. For scale, the biggest example of the largest living fish species today -- the whale shark -- was metres ft).

sharks: do not be afraid, statistically (I love how they used star wars as an example)

20 Things That Kill More People Than Sharks Every Year

And the main reason sharks kill people is because they think your a fish. Also people kill more sharks, than sharks kill people. I can't remember exactly but its like every 1 person a shark kills, we kill like sharks.

amazing shark images | ... The Great White is grey in colour on the top, and white underneath

This originally said this as the caption "Funny Pictures Captured At Perfect Time". I'm pretty sure it should read, When I almost died or at least pooped my pants! Holy crap, that would be scary.

Shark attacks, cow attacks...

I've swam in the ocean and never been attacked by a shark, however, I was walking in a field and was chased by a cow (there was no calf around either). Gee, thought sharks were aggressive and cows were docile.

This Is What A Real Shark Attack Looks Like. The Shocking Video Is My Worst Nightmare.

This Is What A Real Shark Attack Looks Like. The Shocking Video Is My Worst Nightmare.

Hopefully this fun pair of socks is the closest you get to real shark jaws in your lifetime. For the animal lover in all of us, you can rock this pair when you need to be extra on your game throughout

Shark Attack Socks | Mens

I would bet, BET, that if we had more accurate data the Bull shark would be the sure winner here.

iStats: "Sharks are not as deadly as you might think. Of 118 reported shark attacks around the globe last year, 17 resulted in death (about Contrary to.

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Man punches shark, meanwhile I saw a cockroach in my bathroom and now I shower at the gym :P hahaha

Oh No, It's A Shark

Oh No, It’s A Shark