Santa Claus reindeer ride in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Finland

Santa Claus Reindeer photo: Santa Claus Reindeer in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

Use the 4-7-8 method to fall asleep.You simply breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. It's crazy. It works. • photo of Dukha child and Mongolian reindeer by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

True Story: I Swear By This Trick to Fall Asleep Fast

-- Dukha youngster asleep in the warmth of the tribe's Mongolian reindeer -- photo: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami on Shareably

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This was pinned as "deer", what the hell? I see this all the time calling CARIBOU, or ELK, deer? I or even moose I seen the other day labeled, "mule deer".

Picture of the Day: Rare White Reindeer Spotted in Mala, Sweden. I had a white buck on my property in central NY. Magnificent animal. He hung out on our land because of a natural spring fed waterfall. Every year we had to post our land to keep the darn hunters away whose goal was to bag him.

white albino reindeer sweden Picture of the Day: Rare White Reindeer Spotted in Mala, Sweden


11 Reindeer Facts to Share This Winter

Svalbard reindeer

8 Facts About Reindeer That Will Blow Your Mind

Caribou cows and bulls both grow distinctive antlers and bull antlers can reach 4 feet in width! A Caribou calf can run within 90 minutes of its birth. It must do this to keep up with the migrating herds.

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) standing on slope Photo by Johnny Johnson on Getty Images Lapland Reindeer, Norway

All Creatures Great and Small: All Things Finnish

All Things Finnish

Reindeer Photo Ornament Christmas Card - a fun Silhouette project (with tutorial!)

Reindeer Photo Ornament Christmas Card and GIVEAWAY!

Reindeer Photo Ornament Christmas Card and Silhouette GIVEAWAY! Here's a tutorial for turning any piece of clipart into a custom photo ornament that also makes the *cutest* Christmas card! Oh, and a GIVEAWAY for not one but TWO Silhouette machines!


for a white and wood christmas

OP: "Moose in winter." The moose is thinking: "Could be worse. Could be Norway." (Accounting grumbles: "Hej, we resemble that remark. BTW Should we tell the moose that he's actually a reindeer?