For the classroom, label one planter for fiction books and one planter for informational books (or have planters labeled for more specific genres). Students prepare flowers to represent the books they read and add them to the appropriate planters!

Let Your Love Of Reading Grow Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board - I can imagine adding some fake grass and making this look like a garden.

Bulletin board idea for spring

Bulletin board idea for spring (School Counseling from A-Z)

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Bulletin Boards, Walls + Classroom Doors

Blooming with respect bulletin board- add with Blooms lesson by having children write advice by different levels of blooms

Blooming With Respect! - Spring Bulletin Board

Blooming with respect bulletin board. This could be an interesting recognition idea for students have behaved with respect.

Showing respect, free printable - or you could make this into an anchor chart with the kids

Purple petal, what does respect look like. Keeping up with the Kiddos: Daisy Scouts Meeting - Purple Petal

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I pinned this for Task because it describes guidelines that are applicable inside and outside of the classroom. These four guidelines summarize what it means to be a hard worker, good person, and active member of a community.

Character education bulletin board--respect

Kids can write down what they think it means to be respectful and that can set the bar for the respect they should show to the teacher and each other in the class room.