Pirate role-play area in my Early Years (SEN) classroom

Amazing pirate role-play area from a classroom, great ideas for EY base room, easy to do with a large cardboard box or two and material

Under the sea role play EYFS

Under the sea role play EYFS

ideas for farmers market role play in the early years - Google Search

Role play farmers market (with real fruits & vegetables or pretend; if real you can having a tasting graph and sample eating contest and take some extra home to share with their families)!

Farm role play area with farm shop from 'Early Years Down Under'.

Farm role play area with farm shop? We have a farm visiting the museum at the moment.

winter wonderland in the classroom.  So much fun!  You could do this at home too.

Huishoek: Creating seasonal environments is a way of demonstrating and preparing for real-world situations.