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Sailor Jerry "Cherry Jerry"

Flash-inspired cocktail to celebrate Sailor Jerry Day. Poster with tall glass & arrow through a cherry. Page no longer exists

Swallow: (Second Sailor Jerry version). Almost like a vintage jack sparrow tattoo! @Samuel Solomon Hineman

12 Inspiring Swallow And Sparrow Tattoos

Sailor Jerry Swallow >> So. I don't own a tattoo cause I like so many different kinds of art that I would need replaceable skin to change it over time.

10 delicious recipes made with Sailor Jerry Rum... desserts and dinners

10 Delicious Recipes Made With Sailor Jerry Rum

10 delicious recipes made with Sailor Jerry Rum. desserts and dinners. For my Sailor.

Sailor Jerry regarded tattoos as the ultimate rebellion against "the Squares". His legendary sense of humor is oft reflected in his work-- but he was never one to compromise his professionalism or take his craft and responsibilities lightly.


SAILOR JERRY LUCK MAGNET - An easy way to give your fridge a tattoo of its own! This PVC coated magnet is laser cut and features original Sailor Jerry tattoo flash artwork.