Saran Wrap Nails- Review:Works really well  turns out super cute. I also used several different colors instead of just two. I loved the results!

saran wrap manicure easy nail design not a fan of the design but love the colors

Spring/Easter Nails! <3

DIY Plastic Wrap Nail Art // Saran Wrap Manicure // OPI Goldeneye - Essie Where's my Chauffeur // Tutorial - I can see this going horribly wrong but neat idea

Foil ball Nails How-To. More nail art tutorials:

Tutorial: Dark Blue and Gold Party Nails

Tutorial on Really Cool Foil Nailart! by Zoey Horton. Check out more DIY on Bellashoot.

Paint one color - let dry completely. paint contrasting color over, blot with saran wrap (use a different small crumpled piece of saran wrap for each nail!) then cleaun up edges and apply a top coat.

Marble Nails DIY - Easy How to Guide

DIY Saran Wrap Nails For A Perfect, Easy Miami Mani- turned out super cute. Would recommend two very contrasting colors

Top 10 Amazing Manicure Hacks

Top 10 Amazing Manicure Hacks

Plastic Wrap Marble Nail Very cute technique. You need to dab the plastic wrap super-fast or it'll take too much polish off. A clear top coat is a must.

Saran Wrap nails

Nail Art Tutorial, Nail Designs, Nail Art How To, Plastic Wrap Technique

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WATCH: Guess Which Kitchen Staple Makes This Manicure?

Cling wrap/Saran wrap nails (so easy to do and so effective

Saran Wrap Nail / Marble Nails #DIY

Marble Nails DIY - Easy How to Guide

Saran wrap nail DIY by Get Nailed for a cool coral-infused marble effect.

Wear these sweet pink and white saran wrapped nails on Valentine's Day. DIY with the video tutorial here.

nails nailart nail art polish mani manicure Spellbound Lacquer saran wrap tutorial video I love this and the colors looks feminine.

Saran wrap ball game idea! Fun party game idea for kids or adults. How to play and how to make a saran wrap ball.

Saran Wrap Ball Game! Fun Party Game Idea For Kids Or Adults

33 Cool Nail Art Ideas - Blue and White Ocean Saran Wrap Manicure Nail Design Tutorial

33 Unbelievably Cool Nail Art Ideas

Nails Ideas - 33 Cool Nail Art Ideas - Blue and White Ocean Saran Wrap Manicure Nail Design Tutorial