Birthday Scavenger Hunt {with free printables!}

Birthday Scavenger Hunt {with free printables!}

Scavenger hunt clues

Make more camp-friendly and mature for DMs Scavenger hunt for surprise for kids. Modify for Elf on the Shelf to deliver clues for Disney trip or any other trip!

Great 11 Year Old Party Idea: The Amazing Race Birthday Party! - MomOf6

How to Host an "Amazing Race" Birthday Party at Home!

Fantastic ideas for hosting an Amazing Race birthday party at home! This post includes free printable amazing race party invitations, amazing race game clues, and amazing race thank you notes!

This birthday scavenger hunt sounds like such a fun way to wake someone up on their birthday, love it!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Clues for creating a puzzle hunt                                                                                                                                                      More

Clues for a "Counting by Tens" puzzle hunt. scavenger hunt clues to lead kids to baggies of 10 puzzle pieces each. kids can count the puzzle pieces by and then have fun putting puzzle together.