Fabulous example of sharing what's happening in writing workshop!! "Schema Anchor Chart" pinned by Jen Briggs, from simplytheclassroom.blogspot.com

ThanksThis is SUCH an awesome anchor chart for teaching schema -- combine it with the parking lot for schema, new learning, and misconceptions, and itd make a great bulletin board.

Printable Anchor Charts for Reading

I feel like a broken record, but if you know my teaching style, you know that I run off of anchor charts and smelly markers .

Schema anchor chart-Happy Literacy!

I could introduce a book or a topic, give eah student a sticky and have them write what they already know about it.

Reading Strategies anchor chart for making connections.  Text to text; text to world; text to self

Making Connections Anchor Chart: Can be shown in a different way for upper grades. Still a good basic chart to remind students as they read. Anchor charts are a main element of a literacy-rich classroom

ERES demo - Compassionate Teacher: Sandy Hook and Schema Anchor Chart

What you already know takes you where you want to go? Compassionate Teacher: Sandy Hook and Schema Anchor Chart

Is Your Classroom ELL-Friendly? -- great reminders for classroom teachers: visuals, graphic organizers, sentence frames, etc.

Is Your Classroom ELL-Friendly?

Schema Anchor Chart

Schema Anchor Chart: Schema, our mental filing cabinet, is a key element of my theory! Schema can help readers use semantic cues.

Schema Schtuff: A FREEBIE! (One Extra Degree)

Schema Schtuff: A FREEBIE! (One Extra Degree)

It's been ca-razy up in here! As usual! After Nashville, I contracted a really fun upper-respiratory infection that basically flattened me out for a few days. I lost my voice and abou