Opening week

A prayer for your kid's room - for the car - for the kitchen - wherever you need to help them prepare for the school day/year.

Preschool prayer for your littlest Jesus lover! Click over to save and print!

Preschool has been one of the first experiences where we’ve sent Chickadee out into the “real world” without us. But what she does take with her is our influence and the love of J…

HomeSchool Prayer

A homeschool prayer, I wrote this to myself after a hard day of homeschooling. Sometime I need to step back and look at the big picture and give thanks.

A prayer before studying for Exams...

A prayer before studying for Exams. I need to remember this for the end of the year test. I'm homeschooled, but for 3 whole days I have to actually get up and go to a school building!