Social Anxiety ruined me in High school.... I never wanted to ask for help when I needed it...

It's important for friends and loved ones to understand the debilitating nature of social anxiety disorder. Here are some of the most common thoughts associated with social anxiety.

The stress is starting younger and younger these days, too. What the hell.

I hate school

You KNOW something's wrong with the education system when people hope for disasters, fake illness, getting hit by a bus or death to get out of school

Something terrible happens. Foster curiosity in children.

yeah it's called homework, stress, social interactions, teachers and going to school everyday for 13 years

People these days are so terrible  I swear. Why can't we go back to like the early 2000s??

this is why im so stressed rn. I hope my teacher lets me do it at lunch and not class time omg. she knows I have social anxiety so-<<<the pe thing isn't always true, I was hurting bad one day in pe and they would not let me sit out.

It's actually not even funny

I remember feeling so behind and devastated after being sick and missing one day of algebra.


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