Halloween How-to: Mermaid Makeup

11 Halloween Looks You Can Create With Makeup You Already Have

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DIY Mermaid Ideas : Mermaid Costumes Coloring pages Dresses and Hairstyles - Diy Food Garden & Craft Ideas

Check out this awesome steel mermaid corset Fiori Couture

"The Birth of NOLEMIRE THE MERMAID " Steel Corset by FIORI Couture. One of a kind gold brushed steel corset embellished with Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals. It might hurt a little to wear this, but I would combine it with a long, white skirt.

Original Handmade Seahorse Costume with LED lights on spine of the creature. Great for dancing, performing, and partying. dginspace@yahoo.com for inquiries

Ethereal Seahorse - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Dancing on Halloween night, complete with LED lighted eyes and along the seahorsesspine. Ethereal Seahorse - Homemade costumes for women

Undersea Creature Headpieces - StraightLacedSF on Etsy Makes Magical Sea Goddess Headpieces

Undersea Creature Headpieces

New Fantasy Imported Fresh From The Other World steampunktendencies: “The Kraken” by Straight-Laced Boutique Via 亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 steampunktendencies: “ “The Kraken” by Straight-Laced Boutique ”