Great idea for kids to send a deployed parent a hug in a care packages! = Somerset Lane: Ideas for Kid's Valentine's Cards

did this for a letter in boot, super cute and holds well. can also use ribbon instead of string.

So cute! Send a Hug in the mail. This would be a perfect homemade Grandparent's Day, Get Well Soon or Valentine's Day card. |

Grandparents Day Craft: Homemade Hug Greeting Cards!

Send a Hug in the mail. This would be a perfect homemade Grandparent's Day, Military, Daddy, Mommy card, etc.

Send A Hug In The Mail ~ Be Different...Act Normal

Send a hug! >Trace Your Arms and Mail A Hug to your Grandparents. Could do it on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Grandparents' Day.

Mail A Hug - Kid Craft Idea perfect for deployments!

Mail A Hug {Deployment Craft

How to send a hug in the mail - a super simple (+ huggable) diy hug pillow.

- Hair + DIY Tutorials: How To Mail A Hug: DIY Hug Pillow. Want to make one for my sister and send it to her!

Send a hug to loved ones that live far away!  - Sweet N Sour Deals

Send a hug

Valentine's or Send hug to a missionary or far away family member. Trace around/color and send

Have your child lie on the floor with arms out to the side. Then get some toilet paper and measure from hand to hand, then tear off. Next trace your toddler’s hands on some colored construction paper and cut them out and tape to the ends .    Fold it up and send in an envelope to a special someone far away with a message for them to wrap the hands around them for a special hug!!

Mail a hug! Have child lay on the floor and measure out toilet tissue (not sure I would use toilet paper though). Trace hands and cut out. Glue the hands to the end of each side! Who wouldn't love to get a hug in the mail?

send a hug in the mail (via roots & wings co.).

Mail someone a hug. great idea for sending in care packages overseas! - Using a hug from Mom or Dad who are deploying and making a pillow for kids would be an AWESOME idea.

Send a Hug in an Envelope ~ Who wouldn't love a hug in a box?  It's simple and doesn't take up much space!

Send a Hug in an Envelope Great Idea to send to Rachel who is mourning send her our little guys hands!

How sweet would it be to Give a Personalized Postcard Pillow that one can display ~ Its shaped like a postcard with your personal message on the front. Two "stamps" cut from fabric are sewn in the right corner with your city, state and or zip... love love love!

the closest way to send a hug that I've ever seen. One pinner suggested this as a great deployment gift. I will use this next year for camp care package!