Top 10 Senior Year Vacation Ideas

Your senior year is finally here so before you graduate, have some fun with these top 10 vacation ideas!

Top 10 Senior Trip Ideas

Whether you're graduating college, high school, or moving on from your classmates and school is a pretty big deal. So here are the top 10 senior trips ideas

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Quick and Easy Guide to the Best Caribbean Islands

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Listening is Loving: Two Weeks In Europe For Less Than $2,500

This amount may seem high for some people, but not everyone is a backpacker and I like certain comforts when I travel.

Are you planning a road trip? Here are some easy ways to save some money on the road while still having the time of your life! Don't forget to re-pin this for later!

Cheap Road Trip Across the USA

If you've ever dreamed of backpacking through Europe, you've GOT to read this post! So many good tips!

How To Plan Your Dream Europe Trip (A 10-Step Guide

Places to travel in each of the 50 states

50 Places to Visit in All 50 States

America the beautiful! To celebrate this amazing country thats brimming with diversity, we wanted to capture one must-see attraction, best kept secret, tasty food or jaw-dropping scenic vista that you have to see (or taste) in each of Americas 50 states.

Warning: You will want to pack your bags and hit the road after reading this article.

11 Inexpensive Road Trip Destinations For College Students

I've dreaming of this since the age of 18                                                                                                                                                     More

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Bucket Lists:"Buy and old bus, replace the seats with beds and road trip the states with good people." This may be the most unlikely dream on my list, but it sounds nice.

Get student discounts on travel! Flights, rental cars, hotels etc

Get student discounts on travel! Flights, rental cars, hotels etc. My friend Sara and I want to road trip Europe for our Senior trip