So absolutely true! I would have literally done anything to keep us together and then anything to get you back!!!

Best Ever 45 Quotes About Feelings

"What Hurts More Than Losing You Is Knowing You're Not Fighting To Keep Me." For my Dank. How I wanted you to fight to keep me. I loved you to the moon and back.

Don't stay with someone you're unhappy with just so you won't be alone. Alone is not a bad thing dear.

Everyone has a life something that adds to who and what they are good and bad if a relationship is to work more than just a routine love trust and believe in the other person and let them truly love you. It's not just a routine.

The No. 1 Cause of Divorce You'd Never Think of Parisienne: ENOUGH …

And on that day I heard GOD scream, "ENOUGH!" That is when I found the strength to say it too. Enough, and I just let him leave without a word.

31 #Stay Strong #Quotes: The Inspirational Stay Strong Quotes That Awaken The Strength Within

My brain has no heart. My heart has no brain. That’s why when I speak my mind, I seem heartless; and when I do what’s in my heart, I seem thoughtless.

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You shouldn't have someone berating you all the time. In loving relationships you support each other not tear them down or embarrass them.