Shiva Shakti power. And if you ask me, it looks like another symbol for the two kabbalistic pillars.

Understanding Hindu Metaphysics

What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.

Shiv Shakti # om

"The universe is in fact the constantly reborn “child” of the lovemaking of the “Father” and “Mother,” Shiva and Shakti, who at all moments dance in and.

Shiva-Shakti union in Ardhanarishwar....hiriyein hamaar...

Arthanareswar,shiva and parvati,two bodies one soul.

Beautiful Shiva-Shakti union in Ardhanarishwar.I Pinned from Omar Velázquez I

In search of life Divine ~ Shiva & Shakti ~ divine love on Behance

In search of life Divine ~ Shiva & Shakti ~ divine love on Behance Mais

The Androgynous - Shiva & Shakti

Kundalini Awakening

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I willed my Shiva - Dionysius -Tubal Qayin to come, and the universe gifted me with you, beloved.

Shiva is Shakti. Shakti is Shiva. Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing.

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