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O- blood is universal donor i can give blood to any type of blood type you got! laughing bunch of fuckers!

Cool Male Armor Plate Arm Tattoos

Muscle your way into the top 90 best cool arm tattoos for guys. Explore manly upper limb ink design ideas from realistic to abstract body art.

Gladiator Armor Tattoo - http://giantfreakintattoo.com/gladiator-armor-tattoo/

Gladiator armor with Serbian Special Forces crest on shoulder (B) Likes this. I may have to incorporate this into my tattoo.

Instagram photo by colliem

shoulder armor half sleeve on Shawn. Thanks for letting me have fun with this

Epaulette Ornamental Shoulder Tattoo

Epaulette Ornamental Shoulder Tattoo - not a huge fan of the design but wow are those colors ever bold