Escala Pentatónica (B): Si Mayor

Escala Fa# Mixolidio (F

Escala Mayor (B♭): Si♭ mayor

Escala Do Mixolidio (C)

Escala Pentatónica (A♭): La♭ mayor

Escala Pentatónica (Cm): Do menor



Escalas de Re Mayor y Si menor

Escalas de Re Mayor y Si menor

Decorating by Color | How To and Instructions | Martha Stewart

Yellow Rooms

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Ukulele Chords by Israel Kamakawiwoole @ Ultimate-Guitar.

Escala Pentatónica (B♭m): Si♭ menor

Escala Pentatónica (D Re# menor

guitars many colors on black background iPhone wallpaper cell phone screen

Colors Rock - Variety of electric guitars arranged in rainbow bright crayola coloring.

Elvis Presley in uniform... "Higher, higher. Feel my temperature risen'."

Elvis Presley

Elvis had tons of photo 'ops' during his Army service.Life Mag and other big circulating magazines as well as the movie mags all wanted photos and info on what life was like for Elvis in the army. My sis and I were glued to every detail!