ryan sheckler

ryan sheckler /// He was a skater boy She said see you later boy He wasn't good enough for her Now he's a super star Slamming on his guitar Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

#3 Present - Day Session Outfit: Plaid shirt. Skinny jeans. Vans/Skater shoes/converse.

Different cute skater boys so you can get your new outfits, clothes or style going. We have selected skater boys with beautiful hair and skate looks.

What a Lovely Thought jetzt neu! ->. . . . . der Blog für den Gentleman.viele interessante Beiträge - www.thegentlemanclub.de/blog

An entry from the gory bits

Love it when people in SUIT do crazy stuff - skateboarding or do whatever that looks unusual.

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Tony Alva chilling by the pool. this guy helped the idea of skating pools in the hot summers.