If you hate Skyrim, then please feel free to Whirlwind Sprint off of a cliff. It's not that bad, really. I've done it.

So my friend designed this masterpiece today!

“Skyrim” facts. As an archer myself, I should totally go find her!

Once you find her though, you can't miss her

because of the font, I was looking for a punchline. still, I could use a good archery trainer.

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Know your shadowmarks, this is so helpful! I've always wondered what those random markings meant.

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I am her, Danna (rhymes with Hannah), rusted & weathered & loving fantasy, folklore, fables and.

Wow Imperials don't come from oblivion that would make them daedra. They are from Cyrodil. Learn your elder scrolls facts asshole

This picture is very biased, and rascist (not REAL rasism because it is to fictional races), this person clearly only played Skyrim. And why are the all Stealth Archers?

Learn a new language, they said...It'll be fun, they said.... you know what? They were right!!!

Just do it...

Well now I know I'm a genius cause I know the dragon language is Dovahzul and the dragon word for Dragonborn is Dovahkiin check your dovahzul bitch

The Dovahkiin Workout, how to get ripped playing Skyrim.

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Sense the begining of time, man has always sought to become the strongest of beings. Naturally, this led them into epic clashes with the dragons. Many times has blood been shead by both sides.( I hate when the dragon dies)

"How were you able to play skyrim for days without sleep?"

Alduin is the main villain of Skyrim. He is a dragon that can bring the world to an end - until you defeat him on your final quest.

Nightingale, I have to make this one of these days. I might be able to get away with using tin sheeting for the plaiting.

justduet: cleaned up the nightingale picture a bit for printing, ended up tweaking a few things to make it a bit more accurate to the ingame armor