This set contains a load of icons of animals, from invertebrates like corals, slugs and jellyfish, including all sorts of bugs like ants, bees and beetles, to fishes, birds and mammals, plus a few mythical ones like dragon and unicorn. This set includes approximately 5275 unique icon shapes ( without counting sizes ), and all sizes: [...]

Animal icons - An amazing set of over animal icons delivered via vector files PSD format, and crafted under the iPhone icons guideline.

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El mar es uno de los misterios de la vida que más ha cautivado al ser humano. Si tú eres de una de ellas, grabarlo en tu piel parecerá una buena opción. Aquí te dejamos algunos hermosos tatuajes para que te sirvan de inspiración.

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koi want a mixture of this dragons water earth fire, wind and flowers all on my right arm and back and sides

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