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Katniss Snow Everdeen is alone in a huge castle with only just her evil stepmother and a few servants, maids and butlers. With Katniss's parents gone she spend.

As I peered at my shattered reflection, a dark hatred filled my heart. It spread through my veins and set me on fire. They would regret the day they dared to defy me. They would regret the day they challenged the evil queen. -Makayla Abbink

She had no face. Just a mirror reflecting the world surrounding her. A mere reflection. She looked up into the shattered mirror and flinched. It reflected something in her and made her recoil. She quickly turned and walked away.

Cover Artist magnus creative.

Huntsville author Melanie Dickerson recasts 'Snow White' as young adult fiction

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Red - Primary colour: This is a bloody apple. The apple is a sign of temptation, most notably used in the fairy tale of snow white.

Untitled by Margarita Kareva on 500px - Inspired by Snow White, perhaps?

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva brings fairytales and other magical stories to life in her gorgeous fine-art portraiture. With the goal of weaving fictional narratives that fall outside the realm of photorealism, Kareva immerses her beautiful


I have all of Snow's memories but it looks like the evil queen's descendent is out for revenge on the snow family

Snow White and Rose Red

Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot, Snow-White and Rose-Red-----And the twin Queens ruled the kingdom. Many underestimated them, but in the end, they still ruled with the tenacity of the sun.