13 use for soap nuts -- Sounds very interesting, though I wonder how much they cost...

13 Ways to Use Soap Nuts

How to tell when soap nuts are used up! I'm gonna need to use this when my new washer and dryer & my soap nuts get here!

Eco Nuts are a phenomenal, natural alternative to traditional laundry detergent, and they really work!

How to use soap nuts to make laundry detergent, household cleaner, shampoo, body wash, and even toothpaste!

Top FIVE Uses for Soap Nuts to Help You Save BIG!

5 Uses For Soap Nuts {Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Laundry Detergent, Cleaning!} - Surviving The Stores™

everything you've ever wanted to know about soap nuts or soap berries  #soapnuts

Soap Nuts Information Resources - Eco Nuts Organic Soap Nuts

All-Natural Soap Nuts Shampoo - made with natural soap nut berries to clean your hair.

All Natural Soap Nuts Shampoo - ditch the parabens and the phthalates in toxic shampoos and cleanse your hair with organic soap berries.

Looking for a truly non-toxic cleaner? Have you ever tried soap berries (or soap nuts as some call them)? Here's why you should love them plus how to use them.

5 Reasons to Love Soap Berries + How to Use Them

Soap Nuts Detergent Recipe Liquid.Soap nuts are a super affordable and non-toxic way to do laundry. If you are concerned about nut allergies, have no fear : these little cleaning wonders are actually a berry.

Homemade Liquid Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent

Soap Nuts Detergent Recipe Liquid (I have some soap nuts that I stopped using as they always escaped the little bag -- this may be the answer!

DIY Powdered Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent Recipe...this one looks good, and it's cloth diaper safe!

DIY Powdered Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent Recipe

3 Batches of Soap Nut Liquid. www.onebymeforyou.com

How To Make Soap Nut Liquid

Make soap nut liquid and use as an all purpose natural cleaner. Great for front loader washing machines.

Awesome recipes for Soap Nuts--laundry, dishwasher, shampoo, shaving creme, window cleaner, how to reuse boiled ones!

Soap Nut Shaving Cream (And other recipes) Flesh from 15 Soap Nuts, leftover after boiling them for liquid 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 3 tsp Soap Nuts Liquid

Recipe for soap nut liquid.  Soap nuts are by far the best way to get laundry fresh- especially towels- without having to use bleach. Even works on hubby's stinky workout clothes better than any other overscented detergent!!! No joke,,

Making soap nut liquid for shampoo, dish soap, hand soap, cleaning solution, etc. Just add essential oils for scent! (Best Shampoo To Use)