The Two Secret LMSW Exam Acronyms < these help social workers succeed in their social work LMSW licensing exam by prioritizing their interventions and/or work with clients.

I credit these two acronyms to my passing score! Memorize them, then write them down as soon as you sit down to test. Use them to evaluate your decision making / answer process.

Beating The Social Work Exam: The Top 4 Anti-Depressants Found on the Social Work Exam

We all know how important it is for Social Workers to ask and understand what medications someone we are serving might be taking, as it giv.

Beating The Social Work Exam: The 7 Steps of Crisis Intervention

As social workers we are always putting out fires. Sometimes they are even literal fires, LOL. All jokes aside, it's important to realize th.

13 Social Work Theories. Def need to know this for my licensing exam

Social Work Theories

Need to send this to Sharayah. Not that I know anything, but apparently it would have been helpful for grad school. 13 Social Work Theories - where was this in grad school?

Links to an assortment of free practice tests, including SWTP.

Free social work practice exams linked from AATBS, Berkeley Training Associates, Gerry Grossman, SWTP and others.

Beating The Social Work Exam: The TOP 5 Categories of Medications to Remember for the Social Work Exam

Social Workers always need to be familiar with mental health-related medications especially when preparing for the exam.

Melanie Sage, Social Work Geek: Preparing for the ASWB Social Work License Exam #socialwork license study guide infographic LCSW LICSW LSW

Melanie Sage, Social Work Geek: Preparing for the ASWB Social Work License Exam license study guide infographic LCSW

Got LMSW Exam Anxiety? 4 Strategies + 10 Practice Questions < Are you feeling a bit anxious about your upcoming LMSW exam? You are not alone... Many of us feel this way whether we end up taking the licensure test right after we graduate or do so years later...

Social work exam success guidance from licensure exam preparation specialists plus practice questions and stress busters

Social Work Theories - this might actually come in handy this year!

Social Work Theories

Major Theories used in Social Work Practice Systems, Psycho-dynamic, Social Learning, Conflict. Great for licensing exams

Theories to know for the social work exam

Every time an ambitious PhD gets hold of a grant, it seems like a new approach to psychotherapy is born. Which is great, but can be overwhel.

Online Toolkit for New Social Workers < also helpful for social work educators

Online career toolkit for new social workers and social work educators preparing their students for practice including tasks fulfilling CSWE competencies.

NASW Standards of Practice as Social Work Exam Study Guide

There are lots of ways to structure your preparation for the social work licensing exam. Learning everything there is to know about social work is.