sock monster tutorial

So I thought I would venture out there and try my first tutorial. I have recently begun making Sock Monsters from the inspiration on t.

I am very lucky to own a Grump... his name is TONY!! (he is green tho!) by Odd Sox

by Odd Sox goblin from labyrinth style sprite of sock plushie halloween toy idea

Zokniból vagy harisnyanadrágból is elkészíthetitek ezt a szeretetreméltó szörnyikét. Képbejegyzés...

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They actually show you how to make these? Be afraid socksy friends. ;) #sockmonster

I make sock monsters for sale but have the most fun with sock monsters at workshops. It takes about 2 hours to make a sock monster for t. - Sock Monster Dylan Knitted Puppet 15 inch, $18.50 (

Sock Monster Dylan Knitted Puppet 15 inch - Sock Monster Dylan Knitted Puppet 15 inch, $18.50 (

sock monster

Did these adorable diy sock monsters eat all of our missing socks? These diy sock monsters are extra adorable as they have a little front pocket to store special treats.