Sonic Boom by Unichrome-uni on deviantART | Tails. He's so cute!

Why couldn't they make sonic boom like this? Idk there's something different about this compared to the sonic boom cartoon. And I like it how knuckles isn't a weird buff guy.

I think these sketches are better than the actual character designs… just my opinion though

This sketch is SO much better than the actual show! Why couldn't they just make it like an anime type of feel? Like the sonic 1999 movie.

Knuckles Has Been Living a Lie

Knuckles Has Been Living a Lie

I wish that the watermark thingy wasn't on there, though Sonic is cute and the medium looks nice!

good-sonic-shit: “Hydrophobic by AtlanticSora This artist cheers herself up by drawing Sonic when she’s down, she’s a good artist.

Sonic's wearing glasses in this Sonic Boom cartoon!

Sonic's wearing glasses and a bandana in this Sonic Boom cartoon!