They make us want to get up and dance.

These Videos Will Totally Change Your Idea of Step Aerobics

They make us want to get up and dance.

45 Minute Step Aerobic Workout you can do at home!

Get ready to tone your lower body and burn a ton of calories with this killer step workout! If you don’t have a step, these are some of my favorites that are also really affordable: Or…

Step Workout: Tighten Your Butt With 30 Minutes Of Step - YouTube

These were three short routines meshed together, one beginner routine and two intermediate. This is after class once we had gone through all the combos.

Hip Hop Step Aerobic By: PGR Family Cardio Club - YouTube  My new go-to for step aerobics!

Simple basic step aerobics that targets the gluts, thighs, abs and general cardio. This class you can burn up 800 calories