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Still Life: Shutter speed: 1000 Aperture: I chose this picture because I thought this still life was different than the regular ones of fruits, as it had pomegranate seeds included, with a metal spoon.

Egg whisker still life photography #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

This photo of an egg whisker and eggs is unique because of the way it plays with shadows. It displays the whimsical shadows of the whisker on the eggs, which are directly used together. It also brings back the classic concept of photographing an egg.

Food styling still life photography - Blueberries by Mark Boughton                                                                                                                                                     More

U-Pick Blueberry Farms

♀Food styling still life photography - Blueberries by Mark Boughton. lovely and simple with a rustic appeal. the background really complements the spoon and blueberries.

http://photography-classes-workshops.blogspot.com/ #Photography Still Life Photographer - London, New York, Paris, Rome - Dennis Pedersen - gallery archive

Dennis Pedersen is a still life photographer, based in London UK. "Still-life photographer Dennis Pedersen transforms everyday materials int.

http://photography-classes-workshops.blogspot.com/ #Photography Still life photography pin by Margaryta

Beautifully depressing flower arrangement by Jeanne-Rose, Dior Midnight Poison…