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#ignt_melting Top 10 Submissions

#10 <3 The raw power of the bolt rocked the cliff top. The intense heat caused the vehicles to explode. The thugs closest to Eternity were totally incinerated. Another bolt flashed from the darkened clouds, spiraling a path to Eternity's spine. Without hesitation, Eternity released the searing, raw power. The electrical fire blazed a path of golden death as it ripped through the remaining men. The smell of charred flesh filled the air. <3

These words show how His dominance is often more subtle than the word itself implies. It doesn't take posturing to find the key to a girls total submission, in fact it is the subtle dominance that controls her more completely.

If Dominance is an act of setting someone free, and Submission is an act of willfully devoting oneself to another, then who is the captor and who is the captive? A leash after all has two ends, both of which must be held. Ultimately, Dominant and Submissive are bound to one another not by chains but by their own need, and the mutual fulfillment of those needs. We do for one another what no one else can or will. We are here by choice and by choice we stay.  :

fortheloveofasub: “Reclaiming my words lifted from the closing paragraph of one of my posts about “Dominance, Submission and Freedom” and reposted on an image as “author unknown.

^Earn her trust, touch her soul and treat her like the treasure that she is...This will be your reward!

^Earn her trust, touch her soul and treat her like the treasure that she is. All of her, mind body and soul.