This picture made the cutest super hero invitations. I took it and my sister did the editing!

montana when lil sais let myownself do this fun for big sissy and big bubbies. and myfemmeownself sais they can't sees that (some) and he sais they can feel that. myfemmeownself sais what? its superiffic.

Printable Superman alphabet letters and numbers - make a super hero birthday party banner, front door decoration, birthday iron-on t-shirt, whatever you wish!

Printable Superman birthday banner for a super hero birthday party (also great as an iron-on t-shirt graphic

7 Best Images of Printable Superman Logo Alphabet - Superman Letters Free Printables, Superman Logo with Different Letters and Printable Superman Logo Letter

superhero birthday party ideas

Superman-Themed Boy's Birthday Party

Looking for a super party idea? Look no further than this awesome Superman-themed Boy’s Birthday Party!