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2 Kings 20:5...

That's where we're being regulated-back to caveman! A piece of leather to bite down on, and a big hammer to knock em out!

I've reposted this multiple times.... people like this should be rolemodels not reality tv stars..... these people are true heros.

The Man Who Lived

Heart surgeon after 23 hour successful, long heart transplantation. His assistant is sleeping in the corner. And this is the patient 25 years later.

Cave Surgery Dr. Stone Anestigeologist... things that shouldn't make me laugh @tashko24 @alibe

"and this is Ralph, your anesthesiologist." - Medical Humor, Because Laughter Is (usually) The Best Medicine – 20 Pics

Hahahahahahahhhaahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  | WHEN YOUR SURGEON HAS A SIDE JOB AS A CLOWN | image tagged in medicine,laughter,surgery,funny,memes,dark humor | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Jim Benton Cartoons (Jun/26/2015).

I bet that you didn't know that there was a contest on? Well, the winners receive no prizes, just stares. Sometimes the stares are good and sometimes the stares

This would be me if someone told I was going to be NPO after midnight... (Because you NEVER know when you'll eat again!)

Can't even begin to count how many patients wait till to say "I'm hungryyyy" when they are NPO.

Not a smart thing to do

Funny - Radiology - When it's time for imaging but there's only a single lead apron :D :D Save yourself plz

The Humor Train

Housemate is a surgeon, so he decided to fix my Labrador's torn plush bear. She was very concerned during the procedure.