12 tarjetas, 3 colores, repite cada 64 movimientos // sed_173༺❁

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Pickup inkle weave. Lovely patterns.

Tablet weaving is so slow. All the angle designs can be warped as a 3 harness…

Excellent weaving technique for my little rigid heddle!

backstrap-style weaving, with the other end supported by a wooden bar held in place by the feet.I used a backstrap loom in Chiapas.but I never liked that it had to be tied off on one end.

Mim's Muddle - Really good tablet weaving pattern library page

Mim's Muddle - Tablet weaving pattern library page - instructions for starting and stopping

Shelagh Lewins' website - how had I missed pinning this earlier? Beginning to advanced.

Shelagh Lewins' website: The Ancient Craft of Tablet Weaving - Getting Started. Very clear instructions and photos for the beginning tablet or card weaver.