This is a very different book. It's about a father and a son traveling on a road to the south n the future after an unnamed apocalyptic event left the earth in ruins. There aren't many survivors but some who are left are robbers and cannibals. With little provisions and harsh conditions, this is their story of their journey down the road.

Summer Reading Recs From Some of Our Favorite Women

The Road (Cormac McCarthy). Understated and straightforward but written with beautiful language and some heartfelt moments. A dad and young son "carry the fire" to the coast in a post apocalyptic cannibalistic world.

"The Road" (2009)

The Road (Soundtrack) - 02 by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis also on White Lunar

carte des principaux sites à voir en Islande

Principaux sites depuis la route circulaire en Islande

Dolomites : Road Trip en Italie ! On the road again !

Road trip dans les Dolomites : les plus beaux paysages ! — Blog Italie

Planning The Trip Of Your Dreams Doesn't Have To Be Troubling - Heartvoyages - Enjoy Traveling, Lean how to travel cheap

Tin Tin in Abbey Road!! This is so cute Tin Tin is the best Belgian cartoon ever other than the Smurfs!!!!!!

Top 33 des détournements de la pochette d’Abbey Road des Beatles

The original manuscript of On the road: jack kerouac

On the road, le manuscrit original de Kerouac en résidence à Paris

On the Road: Le manuscrit original de Jack Kerouac [www. Original scroll for On the Road.

Road trip? 10 Secret Places in America That Most Tourists Don't Know About. Click to venture into USA's hidden mysetries! #spon #adventure

10 Secret Places in America That Most Tourists Don't Know About

10 Road Trip Hacks That Will Make You LOVE Being In The Car - That Vintage Life

10 Road Trip Hacks That Will Make You LOVE Being In The Car

It& time to load up the car and hit the road to make memories! These road trip hacks will help smooth out any bumps in the road.

On the Road to Castle Cagliostro  by Bill Mudron

On the Road to Castle Cagliostro

kirinblr: “ “On the Road to Castle Cagliostro” by Bill Mudron This and five other Japanese print style Ghibli tributes are on sale at his store.

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I really like this rear cirle window. Just cut the internal cover on the back door smaller than the window. Note to self, make sure its legal and rear view isnt obstructed whilst driving.



Going on a road trip this weekend? Here's the ultimate playlist to get you through your ride.

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist