The Time Machine Movie Poster by Reynold Brown. Directed by the great George Pal in1960.

"The Time Machine" Movie Poster by Reynold Brown (George Pal / One of my favorite time travel movies.

Un clásico. La máquina del tiempo en una de las muchas versiones de la novela de H. G. Wells, esta de 1960

Detecting time travelers on the Internet is remarkably difficult

'The Time Machine'. I love HG Wells. Along with Bradbury and Wyndham, he placed a little girl on the path to lifelong sci-fi worship. I still can't walk past a hole in the ground without thinking "MORLOCKS!

The Time Machine ~ H.G. Wells. I have pulled out this old chesnut for a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon.

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The Time Machine by H. Wells One of the fathers of science fiction, H. Wells, coined the term "time machine," which inspired f*ture science fiction writers to let their imagination run free. Many authors have attempted a sequel to the dystopia.

51. The Time Machine (1960) I have all the time in the world.

100 Best Sci Fi Movies Ever

THE TIME MACHINE. In one of the movie scenes, Rod Taylor, sit in the Time Machine is on its way for another era.

The Time Machine Novel and Movie Adaptations

The Time Machine Novel and Movie Adaptations

"The Time Machine"  1960 Starring Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux, Sebastian Cabot, Tom Helmore Release Date 1960 Run time 103 min Genre Science Fiction Director(s): George Pal The H.G. Wells classic, Rod Taylor stars as George, a young scientist fascinated with the concept of time travel. He builds a time machine and travels to the future.

The Time Machine (1960)

Dell Four Color - H. Well's The Time Machine - Dell Comics - The startling story of a machine which carries a man into the amazing world of the future! Adapts the classic motion picture. Terrific Alex Toth artwork with photo cover.

Wells/The Time Machine comic cover

Classic Comics/Classics Illustrated 133 H, Mar 1966 Comic Book by Gilberton