Can we get a spin off where we play Triss Merigold from 'The Witcher' want to be…

Triss Merigold by Enshanlee on @DeviantArt

I have recently started playing The Witcher 3 and it's sooooooo amazing! To be honest, about Triss, I prefer the costume in The Witcher Anyway I like hers impressive eyes and red hair.


that's Eskel medallion she holds, if you know what i mean (for those, who ships Triss/Geralt - you can pretend it's Geralts medallion for all I care, I . The Fourteenth

triss_merigold_by_raivis_draka-dbfnff5.jpg (909×1080)

triss_merigold_by_raivis_draka-dbfnff5.jpg (909×1080)