I'm Yours - Jason Mraz ukulele tabs

I'M YOURS CHORDS by Jason Mraz. This is a crowd favorite to play on guitar. It's easy to play and has a great tune. See the video lesson and chords here!

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Are you aware that the bass guitar is music’s soul instrument? It gives the song life and if you can learn to play this excellent piece of instrument, you can impress your friends and family members.

3 Chord Songs for the Ukulele | StrictlyUkulele

3 chord ukulele songs and I love Sponge Bob…but Plankton's version better which is how I will end this song. F - is for fire that burns down the whole town U - is for uranium bomb N - is for no survivo

Adele's- Rolling in the Deep Guitar Chords CAPO 3

-Adele's- Rolling in the Deep Guitar Chords CAPO p.s check out my " guitar lesson " where you can learn to play songs ;

So my friend hates this song and a small part of me wants to learn it on the ukulele just for him haha!

This is meant for the guitar but you can do this song on the Uke. Just play these chords but Ukulele form.

sean mendes stitches ukulele chords | Stitches - Shawn Mendes (KS3 performance guide sheets) by sophieivett ...

Guide sheets for Stitches to use for a band project or something similar, includes lyrics and piano chords/piano extension. For guitar/bass/ukulele parts I use a general guide for that instrument, also uploaded by me.

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Image result for all of me ukulele songs