beware the man who speaks in hands i did this in abt an hour lmao song - Secret Area from the Battleblock Theater OST

we need more videos about this majestic song to annoy stamper even more -v-

Not completely out of left field... I like it! But what Human would he have fussed with? Not Chara as Asriel takes their soul, nor is it one of the 6 souls as their souls are all accounted for in the end... So who?

I guess I'm going to dig a little bit deeper and find some W. Gaster info>> That. I accept this theory

Undertale, Undyne

Toby: Oh no they found out my secret! *jumps out the window and sticks the landing*

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halloween with sans and papyrus

by sabrebash "More halloween Undertale. Secretly, Sans loves it." <<< OMG I almost fell off the couch from trying not to laugh at this xD

Players Still Haven't Figured Out All Of Undertale's Secrets<< its just the subtle hints that are so terrifying about this game

Players Still Haven't Figured Out All Of Undertale's Secrets

Undertale is an RPG where you can talk your way out of every battle. It’s amazing. And yet, that might be the least remarkable thing about it.

^hahaha why are you the way you are XD OH MY FREAK

Reminded me of you


OMIGOSH why ;( I feel like bawling you can’t do that why would you do that the feeeellss

WHAT <--- Well, fudge, I just thought she was too busy reading manga to read science books.  O.o

WHAT <--- Well, damn, I just thought she was too busy reading manga to read science books.

MERCY . FIGHT by pokeypokums

I secretly love Chara. Not because she is "evil" but misunderstood. I don't see her as evil. But as someone who has been influenced by all those around her. I think she has a horrid past which is what made her the way she is

SANS  22222222222222222222222222222ew3

** * i just want to point out that the shirt sans is wearing in t illustration where pap is in his cool dude clothes used to be white but was ruined in the wash by the shitloads of red clothes ow.

Don't let the cinnamon rolls deceive you.

Undertale explained in cinnamon role form. Perfect bite-size portions for your…

Papyrus is not forgotten

I couldn't do a genocide run because I've become too attached to the precious characters, especially the pure cinnamon roll that is Papyrus.