Minutiae = the small, precise details that makes one unique.

Minutiae (n) .the small, precise details that makes one unique the finer points and subtleties

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Dysania From Greek 'clino' (bed) and 'mania' (addiction) is literally an addiction to bed. Sufferers have an overriding need to be in bed regardless of their responsibilities in the outside world.

I think I might have this and I'm ok with it.

But I think those that are accused of this trait often have an ability to see the beauty in small, ordinary things that the accuser lacks

Coruscate Latin origin ✨

Or what my future hubby thinks when he sees me in dresses! That corny movie moment pause in time type shit!

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German Seele = Soul Verwandt = Related only in the sense of related to family-members. This can be a very close friendship or a romantic relationship. Two souls which were meant for each other.

Sillage #WordPorn

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