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After five years on the run, Ned Christie was shot down by 16 posse members, including these deputy U. marshals: Charles Copeland and G. “Cap” White (front row, from left); Bill Smith, Bill Ellis and Paden Tolbert (back row).

US Marshal Bass Reeves, once a slave, but died revered as a US Marshal!

US Marshal Bass Reeves, once a slave, but died revered as a US Marshal!

Pictured: U.S. Marshals escorting the very brave Ruby Bridges, 6 yr old, to school in 1960 -  Courageous Ruby Nell Bridges Hall, born September 8, 1954, is known as the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in the South in 1960, despite the enormous pressure and hatred from white citizens.

Ruby Nell Bridges Hall is known as the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in the South. She attended William Frantz Elementary School at 3811 North Galvez Street, New Orleans, LA 70117

Most Wanted In Puerto Rico

Most Wanted In Puerto Rico

Witness Security Program The U. Marshals Service provides for the security, health and safety of government witnesses, and their immediate.

Born in Arkansas and thought to be the real Lone Ranger. Bass Reeves, a former slave and body servant, he accompanied his master who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. During or soon after the battle at Pea Ridge, Reeves escaped his master and lived among the Creeks and Seminoles until after the war and emancipation. Fluent several Native languages, skilled in firearms, physically powerful and highly intelligent, Reeves would rise to eventually become "the most feared US marshall…

The real-life Django: black Wild West marshal Bass Reeves who arrested 3,000 outlaws and killed 14 men

Bass Reeves,Deputy U. Marshal west of the Mississippi River, arrested over felons and shot and killed fourteen outlaws in self-defense.

Old West gunfighter Bat Masterson.  was a colorful figure - an army scout, gambler, buffalo hunter, frontier lawman in Dodge City, and eventually a US Marshall. He was friends with Wyatt Earp, and had visited Wyatt in Tombstone, Arizona shortly before the showdown at the OK Coral. Later in life, after the West had been tamed, he settled in New York City, and worked as a sportes editor for the New York Morning Telegraph.

Today we feature a picture of the noted Old West gunfighter Bat Masterson . Bat was a colorful figure who was an army scout, gambler, buffal.

Richard "Little Dick" West (1860–1898) was an outlaw of the Old West, and a member of Bill Doolin's gang. West was born in Texas, supposedly in 1860. He was working as a cowboy on the Halsell Ranch in Oklahoma Territory when he first met Doolin, in 1892. He was with the gang during a bank robbery in Southwest City, Missouri, which resulted in a gunfight in which West was wounded. He remained with the gang through 1896, when Doolin was killed by Deputy US Marshal Heck Thomas. Thomas, and…

Little Dick WestRichard “Little Dick” West robbed banks with Bill Doolin’s gang and bungled up train robberies with Al Jennings’s gang. Deputy U. Marshals Bill Tilghman and Heck Thomas tracked West to Guthrie, Oklahoma, and shot him dead in

Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President -  Awareness - Corruption - News - Paradigm Shift - Dec 10, 2015 -  American Law of the Land -  Am I a "Real" Judge?

Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz (Anna Maria Riezinger) addressed an open letter to all federal ag.

US Marshals make arrests over non-payment of student loans

Being behind on student loan payments in Texas could cost you more than your credit score. The US Marshals Service in Houston is arresting people who aren’t paying their federal student debt.

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seizethe-night: “U. Marshals and La Palma Police stand weapons ready outside of what is believed to be Christopher Dorner’s mother’s La Palma home as FBI computer recovery task force investigators.

Lessons in Manliness from Bass Reeves - "Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves was arguably the greatest lawman and gunfighter of the West, a man who served as a marshal for 32 years in the most dangerous district in the country, captured 3,000 felons, (once bringing in 17 men at one time), and shot 14 men in the line of duty, all without ever being shot himself..."  This is a fascinating story, lots of detail at the click.

Bass Reeves: Best Lawman of the West

Bass Reeves, U. Born to slave parents in 1838 in Paris, Texas, Bass Reeves would become the first black U. Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River and one of the greatest frontier heroes in our nation’s history.